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  • Design and Technology Accreditation (Resistant materials - including specialist extenson levels, systems and control, food and textiles)
    • Health and Safety is an important part of teaching in Design and Technology and related subjects. Teachers and support staff must be knowledgeable and be able to identify hazards and assess risks.

      The Health and Safety Training Standards and Accreditation Scheme were introduced so staff could feel confident in carrying out their work, and be able to show evidence of meeting those requirements.

      The standards of the scheme are compatible with Health and Safety for Design and Technology in Schools and similar establishments BS 4163 : 2007.

      Secondary School Health and Safety

      There are three levels of accreditation:

      1. Core level for all secondary teachers and trainees.
      2. Specialist levels: to be used in conjunction with the Core level:- Food Technology; Resistant Materials; Systems and Control; Textile Technology
      3. Specialist extension levels for resistant materials:- Wood sawing machines; Centre lathe for metal cutting; Casting non-ferrous metals; Metal arc welding; Oxy-acetylene welding and cutting; Milling machines and machining centre; Wood turning lathe; Planer/thicknesser machine; portable power tools

      Primary School Health and Safety

    There is one level of accreditation: Core level for all primary teachers and trainees.

  • Design and Technology Re-accreditation
    • The re-accreditation procedures come into effect once initial accreditation is 5 years old. The Furey-King Consultancy can provide this training on an individual or whole department basis.

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